I need another shower

TW: sexual assault / rape / violence This is an adaptation of a segment from a longer piece which I hope to share soon… I just feel that the current climate in Australia calls for this part to be shared now. Right now, Australian women are being told by the Australian leadership team every dayContinue reading “I need another shower”

No wrong way…

As with all my work – I cannot claim to speak for everyone… this is what I have seen, felt and learned through my life and experiences. I believe that survivors of trauma, assault and abuse are often told or led to believe that there is a “correct” way in which we must present andContinue reading “No wrong way…”

Your Soul

When good friends are torn apart by the deliberate, pre-meditated and hurtful actions of another – it is a tragedy. It is not fair and it hurts. It is like seeing a pod of majestic whales suffering and drying after becoming stranded on the shore. A loss felt by many, which cannot be mended. WhenContinue reading “Your Soul”

Scar Tissue from Gas Burns

Scar tissue of the heart is an interesting thing. I was reminded of this today once I calmed down from an argument with one of my oldest friends. I don’t claim to be a psychology expert by any means, but I know me and my story. I know some of the things that trigger me,Continue reading “Scar Tissue from Gas Burns”

I just gotta say this

I just spend about 30 minutes writing up a post which I can not publish. It is relating to my son finding audio recordings of me singing in German, and us both in a rural village in Kenya … during the post and explaining all of this my son goes from laughing to sad toContinue reading “I just gotta say this”

Talk dirty to me…

I was musing this morning… about 90% of my childhood memories I have involve my Mum feeding babies – or making food (I like food memories). It also occurred to me after my son was born that despite seeing babies fed every day of my life, and it being an everyday, essential, and natural occurrenceContinue reading “Talk dirty to me…”

Life is Good when You are Spontaneous and Kind…

There are a things I love – and a couple that I don’t… I am not the biggest fan of my own self-promotion, nor am I especially good at it. I write. I do stuff. I make amazeballs cheesecakes. I don’t however market it. That’s someone else’s niche. I am also not great at beingContinue reading “Life is Good when You are Spontaneous and Kind…”

You – more than just memories

So many people – myself included – felt alone and isolated last year. I felt as though I was on a pendulum which swung back and forth between “this time doesn’t count, you will catch up later,” and “you have lost so much time… and there isn’t much left.” Some months ago, during this time,Continue reading “You – more than just memories”