Walking in this World

I am not fantastic at slowing down and breathing and consequently end up burnt out and stressed more often than one should… the concept of slowing down and resting in order to get things done both makes sense to me and goes completely against the grain. I have noticed of late I do not feelContinue reading “Walking in this World”

Ugly Sexy Love… a working title

I have been working on a story for the last few years – it is a little like a literary guilty pleasure… something like a modern guide to casual sex and dating mixed with a darkly comedic rom-com and commentary on the failure of modern man as he succumb to his fragile masculinity… I likeContinue reading “Ugly Sexy Love… a working title”

7 things and 7 days

Women need to make time for themselves. This is non-negotiable. We need time to breath, to shower, to try on clothes in department stores without worrying that our 2 year old will crawl under the door and run away while we are naked and can’t catch them, to catch up with our mates, and toContinue reading “7 things and 7 days”

Keep deodorant in the car, and follow these 5 rules for life

We all know that life can be crazy sometimes. 2020 changed everything that we knew and the way we understand the world and interact with each other. I believe in keeping things simple when we can as I feel that life need not be as complicated as we make it. Amidst the crazy we canContinue reading “Keep deodorant in the car, and follow these 5 rules for life”