Yet, I am allowed to hate dogs…

Dear Reader, I do not hate men… Frankly, it is a ludicrous suggestion, I actally do not hate anyone. That said, there are A LOT of people that I will not spend my precious energy on. There are also people who I trust about as far as I can lever the moon. This is aContinue reading “Yet, I am allowed to hate dogs…”

Memories I need to Erase

TW: sexual assault / rape / violence Last week I shared another segment of this piece. I intend to share the piece in it’s entirety when I gather myself enough to write its accompanying story. One little known fact about me is that every time I smell coconut oil, I am reminded that I didContinue reading “Memories I need to Erase”

I need another shower

TW: sexual assault / rape / violence This is an adaptation of a segment from a longer piece which I hope to share soon… I just feel that the current climate in Australia calls for this part to be shared now. Right now, Australian women are being told by the Australian leadership team every dayContinue reading “I need another shower”