Trapped Inside An Elevator – Poetry Month 2021

My favourite prompts in the 2021 Dirty Thirty Poetry Month Challenge were the ‘Zombie Apocalypse‘, and ‘Trapped Inside an Elevator’ … both are topics I would absolutely never have written on… While writing about being trapped in an elevator we were asked to imagine there were other people in the elevator and there was notContinue reading “Trapped Inside An Elevator – Poetry Month 2021”

Yet, I am allowed to hate dogs…

Dear Reader, I do not hate men… Frankly, it is a ludicrous suggestion, I actally do not hate anyone. That said, there are A LOT of people that I will not spend my precious energy on. There are also people who I trust about as far as I can lever the moon. This is aContinue reading “Yet, I am allowed to hate dogs…”

Needing something to change

I need somethings in my life to change… I think we all do. Wanting a change, knowing we need a change and being able to make the change are not however always the same thing. Maybe the thing you need to change is outside of your control, maybe it is a systemic or structural changeContinue reading “Needing something to change”

Memories I need to Erase

TW: sexual assault / rape / violence Last week I shared another segment of this piece. I intend to share the piece in it’s entirety when I gather myself enough to write its accompanying story. One little known fact about me is that every time I smell coconut oil, I am reminded that I didContinue reading “Memories I need to Erase”

I need another shower

TW: sexual assault / rape / violence This is an adaptation of a segment from a longer piece which I hope to share soon… I just feel that the current climate in Australia calls for this part to be shared now. Right now, Australian women are being told by the Australian leadership team every dayContinue reading “I need another shower”

Feeling sick – IWD Week 2021

Last year I took this photo at the start of the week of IWD. Despite the blatant misogyny under which we were – and still lived at that time, I felt more energy, I had more hope that things would change. That hope has been fading, and I swear my invisible scars have become moreContinue reading “Feeling sick – IWD Week 2021”

No wrong way…

As with all my work – I cannot claim to speak for everyone… this is what I have seen, felt and learned through my life and experiences. I believe that survivors of trauma, assault and abuse are often told or led to believe that there is a “correct” way in which we must present andContinue reading “No wrong way…”

Not in My Cave You Don’t

My son asked me the other day how grown ups know, when they are having ‘grown up time’ that it feels good. He wanted to know specifically which part of the brain told the heart that ‘this is the one.’ Not a question I had been planning to answer as we ran down the streetContinue reading “Not in My Cave You Don’t”

Boys will be….come dangerous men

If we think boys are less mature and capable than females – why do we not change the legal age for driving and voting by gender? If we truly want to hide behind the excuses of ‘boys will be boys’ and ‘girls are more mature’ – well then boys shouldn’t vote until they are 25 or have a learners driver permit until they are 20.

Scar Tissue from Gas Burns

Scar tissue of the heart is an interesting thing. I was reminded of this today once I calmed down from an argument with one of my oldest friends. I don’t claim to be a psychology expert by any means, but I know me and my story. I know some of the things that trigger me,Continue reading “Scar Tissue from Gas Burns”