7 things and 7 days

Women need to make time for themselves. This is non-negotiable. We need time to breath, to shower, to try on clothes in department stores without worrying that our 2 year old will crawl under the door and run away while we are naked and can’t catch them, to catch up with our mates, and toContinue reading “7 things and 7 days”

My life … in not many words…

I have been somewhat MIA lately – mostly due to ill health (who knows how little fun pneumonia is? Me! Josie knows! Pneumonia sucks!)…. I thought I would just jump on here and give the least interesting update imaginable… “Josie’s life in 2021.” My life has involved a combination of the following, with the oddContinue reading “My life … in not many words…”

Yet, I am allowed to hate dogs…

Dear Reader, I do not hate men… Frankly, it is a ludicrous suggestion, I actally do not hate anyone. That said, there are A LOT of people that I will not spend my precious energy on. There are also people who I trust about as far as I can lever the moon. This is aContinue reading “Yet, I am allowed to hate dogs…”

Whore or Madonna

This isn’t typical of my recent writings, but I wanted to switch things up a little for this weeks #wednesdaywords I wrote this piece when I was privileges enough to regularly attend spoken word nights in my hometown. This poem in its entires captures some of the complications of a woman’s identity, our perception ofContinue reading “Whore or Madonna”

After these years

“My life, my dreams are askew After these years and layers of hurt… …I just want a moment not to feel.” I didn’t write this poem about politics, or change – even though the current state of Australia does make me wish I could not feel. It was an expression of the way I feltContinue reading “After these years”

Needing something to change

I need somethings in my life to change… I think we all do. Wanting a change, knowing we need a change and being able to make the change are not however always the same thing. Maybe the thing you need to change is outside of your control, maybe it is a systemic or structural changeContinue reading “Needing something to change”

Vote One: Fairies and Elves

Dear Mr Morrison Bruh, I live in Australia. I did not vote for you. I do however abide by laws etc…. and I am basically waiting for you to be an awkward conversation in our history text books. I think the chapter would be called ‘Australian Prime Ministers who wanted to make Trump look lessContinue reading “Vote One: Fairies and Elves”

Memories I need to Erase

TW: sexual assault / rape / violence Last week I shared another segment of this piece. I intend to share the piece in it’s entirety when I gather myself enough to write its accompanying story. One little known fact about me is that every time I smell coconut oil, I am reminded that I didContinue reading “Memories I need to Erase”