More beautiful than ugly

A couple of weeks ago I shared some of my piece “A Million Pieces of Ugly.” Here is a little more of it. I love everyone, but I don’t have many people in my close circle. I am a quite the recluse at times. Those that are in my circle, are precious. They are toContinue reading “More beautiful than ugly”

Nothing in this World

I want to start ripples and be gentle yet powerful like a cloud that can block the sun… Let us have our call to make change satisfied. Let us end the nothingness that so many women endure under the shadow of patriarchal oppression. Be born again. Be the stone. Be the cloud. Be the unexpectedContinue reading “Nothing in this World”

Vote One: Fairies and Elves

Dear Mr Morrison Bruh, I live in Australia. I did not vote for you. I do however abide by laws etc…. and I am basically waiting for you to be an awkward conversation in our history text books. I think the chapter would be called ‘Australian Prime Ministers who wanted to make Trump look lessContinue reading “Vote One: Fairies and Elves”