Vote One: Fairies and Elves

Dear Mr Morrison Bruh,

I live in Australia. I did not vote for you. I do however abide by laws etc…. and I am basically waiting for you to be an awkward conversation in our history text books. I think the chapter would be called ‘Australian Prime Ministers who wanted to make Trump look less evil.” Anyways, a bit about me – I have worked in community and government roles for approximately 20 years, and have two masters degrees in Political science. I like writing books that bring people together also.

Now, I like to believe there are fairies in my garden. Why? Because life is too short and too dark for there not to be a magic community of fairies, elves, a house sprite, a tiny kitten and an old hippy pixie in my home. In the magical world I have created my letter box is looked after by a tiny silver fairy, and a chubby zebra keeps company with a tall fortune telling giraffe, while a croaky voiced elf manages the fairy hotel in the succulent garden. This magical world is a place of kindness and logic.

The house sprite is named Aminah. That means ‘feel safe’ in Arabic. She lives next to the fire place. Aminah’s job is to listen to little children when they are worried, and tell them stories so they can feel safe again. Aminah is friends with Fikira the giraffe. Fikira’s name means thoughtfulness in Swahili. They met when Aminah was travelling a long time ago, house Sprites follow the travel rules too you know. Aminah asks Fikira for advice because he is very, very wise. He can see further ahead than the other magical creatures, on account of his long neck.

There are a great many stories I could tell you about the magical creatures in my garden. The stories would make sense to you…. You know that giraffe’s can see far ahead and your wife knows that children do feel safer when they are listened to, and have someone lovingly read to them.

On that.. women feel safer when they are listened to as well. Just saying.

Now… I may be coming across as a person who will believe anything….

Yet…. for some reason I cannot believe, how on earth the leader of a Australia – the LUCKY COUNTRY – is being led by someone who through his actions, his refusal to take action and the words from his mouth telling the world that he doesn’t hold any respect at all for more than half of the country’s people (nay, half of the GLOBAL population)?

I think you should be concerned by the fact that my fairy stories make more sense than the way in which you are currently leading Australia.

Your blatant disregard for women, and for the future of Australia is so far off course it is completely disgusting.

Step up or step down.

With no regard whatsoever,

Ms Josie Young

Published by Josie Young

Josie Young is a writer, an activist and a lover of food, stories and stormy ocean skies. Previously a community project manager, Josie is also a full time mother and a free lance ghost and feature writer and editor. Josie Young holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Public Policy (2007), a Masters of International and Community Development (2009) and a Masters of Humanitarian Assistance (2017).

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