We spend so much time making women believe that they have less worth when single… That we are, in some way, “less than” if we are alone. Society tells women that for a us to age and to die alone is a sentence…. It took me a while to realise however, that to spend my life with me… well that is more like a privilege!

I should be so lucky to end up with me!

Take me to the morning,
When I will make up,
content to be alone,
Sharing the morning sun, with no one but myself,
Quiet moments,
My serenity….
Morning sun warms my skin,
Alone just me,
I should be so lucky…
Take me to that morning,
I’m ready to wake now.

Wake me now…

Published by Josie Young

Josie Young is a writer, an activist and a lover of food, stories and stormy ocean skies. Previously a community project manager, Josie is also a full time mother and a free lance ghost and feature writer and editor. Josie Young holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Public Policy (2007), a Masters of International and Community Development (2009) and a Masters of Humanitarian Assistance (2017).

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