I just gotta say this

I just spend about 30 minutes writing up a post which I can not publish. It is relating to my son finding audio recordings of me singing in German, and us both in a rural village in Kenya … during the post and explaining all of this my son goes from laughing to sad toContinue reading “I just gotta say this”

You – more than just memories

So many people – myself included – felt alone and isolated last year. I felt as though I was on a pendulum which swung back and forth between “this time doesn’t count, you will catch up later,” and “you have lost so much time… and there isn’t much left.” Some months ago, during this time,Continue reading “You – more than just memories”

For a love of words…

I love poetry and am more than a little amused when I tell people this and their initial reaction to the genre is that it is boring, old fashioned, and/or pretentious before I see images with quotes from the poems of Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī, Maya Angelous, Drake and Tupac popping up on their social mediaContinue reading “For a love of words…”