Don’t touch me

I’m allowed to have a moment aren’t I? I wrote “Don’t Touch Me” when I felt a certain kind of way about the pressure and expectations I feel most days. I wrote it about a failed relationship initially… but now when I read it, it hits different. People ask a lot, whether they mean to…

Writing stones…

Do you believe that there is a spirit or story inside everything? I am really not sure of the answer … but I think yes – and if not a life or spirit, an energy. Even in stones. You see, a few months ago on one of my Artist’s Dates I decided to paint some…

The give and take…

Time…You take from me,The single thing you can give…The only thing I need…It is the thing that cannot be kept,Nor can it be returned…There will be no seconds…Just time.

3am Thoughts

This is about me, not you… Josie says, surprising no one. This is a poem about loving me – about dreaming about being happy and connected to myself. The person I should be the closest to, but often feel the furthest from. Moving through the riversNaked, ready for moreWater like silk on my skinSoothing my…

Bigger and growing

I can’t get this quote out of my head “You don’t know me any more…. I put my pieces back together in a different order.” I don’t know who said it… but I have it in mind as I write… I had a plan, and this wasn’t it. I am not where I thought I…


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