Writing stones…

Do you believe that there is a spirit or story inside everything? I am really not sure of the answer … but I think yes – and if not a life or spirit, an energy. Even in stones. You see, a few months ago on one of my Artist’s Dates I decided to paint someContinue reading “Writing stones…”

The give and take…

Time…You take from me,The single thing you can give…The only thing I need…It is the thing that cannot be kept,Nor can it be returned…There will be no seconds…Just time.

3am Thoughts

This is about me, not you… Josie says, surprising no one. This is a poem about loving me – about dreaming about being happy and connected to myself. The person I should be the closest to, but often feel the furthest from. Moving through the riversNaked, ready for moreWater like silk on my skinSoothing myContinue reading “3am Thoughts”

Bigger and growing

I can’t get this quote out of my head “You don’t know me any more…. I put my pieces back together in a different order.” I don’t know who said it… but I have it in mind as I write… I had a plan, and this wasn’t it. I am not where I thought IContinue reading “Bigger and growing”


We spend so much time making women believe that they have less worth when single… That we are, in some way, “less than” if we are alone. Society tells women that for a us to age and to die alone is a sentence…. It took me a while to realise however, that to spend myContinue reading “#relationshipgoals”


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My name is Josie Young, I am a writer, an activist and a lover of food, stories and stormy ocean skies. Previously a community project manager, I am a full time mother to a very sweet boy and a freelance writer and editor. Read more about me over here!

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